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800 Solitaire Building Roofing Project Begins

As you know, the chimney chase project was completed last fall but we ran out of weather to start the roofing portion. This is the notice that the project will […]

Adopt a Hwy SR542 Clean-Up Day

Adopt a Hwy SR542 Sign-Up Sheet for 05/07/2022 https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfRV-5N5bOkmmaEMedSEG9VFdTBhj5C0mCq1qyvzJgFy4SMxQ/viewform The 2022 Spring Highway Clean Up is happening on Saturday May 7th. Sign up here to join us, and get updates […]

SA Board Meeting

Quarterly Snowater Association Board meeting to review Q2 2022 Financials and other important topics.

22 Couch Replacements at Time Share Condos

22 sofa beds are being replaced in condos. Large Freight truck delivery, Mover Dudes, and Fork lift driver operator on site. Old sofa beds are being picked up by reservation […]